Who was Rev. Bradford?
"The Forgotten Man's Hour"
Father Charles Coughlin
The Ford Hunger March
The River Rouge Plant
African Americans and the Success of the CIO
Lewis Bradford
Harry Bennett
The Battle of the Overpass
Layoffs and Intimidation
Muriel Lester
Lewis is Attacked
Lewis Dies
Locating the Autopsy
A City Mourns
Who Knew?
UAW Wins at Ford



Steve Jones is a musician and member of AFM 161-710. He received his BA in Labor Studies from the University of Maryland. His brother Peter wrote the first Lewis Bradford song, which stimulated interest in the story. The story has also been shaped by Elise Bryant, a teacher at the National Labor College-George Meany Center, and someone who has directed labor theater for almost 20 years. Her father worked at the Rouge for 40 years. Steve and Elise visited Detroit, and retraced steps of labor history there. Thanks go to Dr. Sue Schurman, President of the National Labor College, who helped bring the show to the stage for the first time. Thanks also to Holly Syrrakos, Dave Elsila, who helped restore the graves of the Ford Hunger Marchers, and his wife Katie, Steve's wife Donna Messersmith Jones, International Association of Machinists educator Charlie Micallef and his wife Kathy, George Fulginiti-Shakar, the family of Lewis Bradford, including Ella-Kari Loftfield, Bob Loftfield, Michael Kelsay, Kate Bates, Lewis Conn, Pat and Ollie Moles, and others; as well those who gave their time to be interviewed, including Victor Reuther, Mary Daniels, Willard Hunter, Frank Sladen Jr., Elise Bryant, and others.

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