Who was Rev. Bradford?
"The Forgotten Man's Hour"
Father Charles Coughlin
The Ford Hunger March
The River Rouge Plant
African Americans and the Success of the CIO
Lewis Bradford
Harry Bennett
The Battle of the Overpass
Layoffs and Intimidation
Muriel Lester
Lewis is Attacked
Lewis Dies
Locating the Autopsy
A City Mourns
Who Knew?
UAW Wins at Ford


UAW Wins at Ford; Clara's Role

In 1941, after years of struggle the UAW was on the verge of winning a contract at the Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford declared he would shut down all the plants worldwide before he would sign with the union. Clara threatened to divorce him if he didn't sign, and the next day he signed the most far-reaching union contract ever in the auto industry. (p. 169, The Fords: An American Epic, by David Horowitz, 1987). Today, Local 600 at the River Rouge plant is a strong militant local of the United Auto Workers Union with a fighting tradition.

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