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A City Mourns

Three funeral services were held for Bradford. One was at the Howard Street Mission. One was held at Central Church - in the church bulletin was the note, "Flowers at the altar are provided by Mrs. Edsel Ford." (Church Bulletin, Central Methodist Church, December 5, 1937). Yet the Ford family didn't worship at the Central Church. And a third service was held at the River Rouge plant. Ella did not want to go, but workers insisted. "A completely strange man whom I had never seen before pushed in between me and my friends and took the seat beside me. You can imagine the tension I felt. After the service, I turned, extended my hand, and said, 'I don't believe I have met you.' He was quite uneasy, but said, No, he was a stranger, he was just going through, and saw the crowd so decided to see what was going on. Why did he have to intrude among the relatives of the one for whom the service was being held?" (p. 8, letter from Ella Bradford to daughter Helen, March, 1965).

Lewis's widow and her children left Detroit, never to return. Sixty-six years later, there are grandchildren and great-grandchildren and others who know Lewis's story and keep it alive. Lewis Bradford is not forgotten.

Clip from "We Remember You", soloist: Steve Jones.

However, questions remain.

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