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"The Forgotten Man's Hour" on WXYZ-Reverend Lewis Bradford

Thursday evenings in Detroit, Reverend Lewis Bradford broadcast a radio show on WXYZ, "The Forgotten Man's Hour," interviewing men and women on the soup line at the Howard Street Mission. They told their stories of being laid-off; the difficulties of factory work; stories of trying to care for their families, often sending money to families living in a different city. They talked about organizing the union.

Clip from "The Forgotten Man's Hour", soloists: Mitch McMurren and Jason Landis.

Bradford had a close friend helping him at the Howard Street Mission, Allen Brett, who raised money and was a social activist in Detroit. Brett's father-in-law was Bishop Charles D. Williams of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, and family pastor to Henry and Clara Ford. Curiously, as Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Michigan, Williams was known as the "Red Bishop," for his stance in favor of workers.

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