Man in front of Rouge Plant Forgotten:
The Murder at the Ford Rouge Plant
A Jazz Opera

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DETROIT, March 2004, AUDIO CLIPS, edited by Bill Meyer:

"Keep the Wheels Rolling On", soloist: Mitch McM urren.

"The Forgotten Man's Hour", soloists: Mitch McMurren and Jason Landis.

"Cleanse Ourselves", soloists: Davis Gloff and Jason Landis.

"When You Organize", soloist: Jason Landis.

"Radio, Guns and Money", soloists: Davis Gloff, Henry Nelson, Mark Moultrup.

"Shake Hands with the Devil", soloist: D. Yarrow Halstead.

"We Speak Louder Than Machines", soloist: Lynn Marie Smith.

"I Got A Bad, Bad Feeling", soloist: Stephanie Pascaris.


Writer/Composer: Steve Jones
Director: Elise Bryant
Assistant Director: Anne Drake
Musical Director: Bill Meyer
Stage Manager: Elaine (Hendriks) Smith
Set and Lighting Designer: Ron Burns
Costume Designer: Scarlet Jade
Production Manager: Alisa Lomax
Executive Producer: Dave Elsila
Managing Director: Shaun Nethercott
House Manager: Sister Brenda Moon
Assistant House Manager: Corretha Montague



Lewis Bradford: Jason Landis
Ella Bradford: Stephanie Pascaris
Alan Johnson: Mitch McMurren
Rosie Johnson: Lynn Marie Smith
Henry Ford: Mark Moultrup
Clara Ford: D. Yarrow Halstead
Harry Bennett: Henry Nelson
Father Coughlin: Davis Gloff


Father C. Coughlin
Clara Ford
Foreman (Mike Carluccio)
Chorus Member (Susan Newell)
Chorus Member (Stephen Jones)


Lewis Bradford
Ella Bradford
Allen Johnson
Rosie Johnson


Joe Cantor: Jim Salerno
Frank Lopez: Sam Kirkland
Foreman: Mike Carluccio
Hospital Attendant: Denise Dotson
Nurse Attendant: Russanne Bucci


Jason Landis (as Lewis)
Stephanie Pascaris (as Ella)
Lynn Marie Smith (as Rosie)
Mitch McMurren (as Allen)
Malinda Lewis
Russanne Bucci
Sandra Esparaza
Clara Lovelle
Denise Dotson
Kae Halonen
Susan Newell
Lisha M. Sly
John "Bruce" Liles
Melvin Beasley
Jim Salerno
DaJuanny Taylor
Gordon Patton
Stephen Jones (of Detroit)
Sam Kirkland
Maurice "Skip" Turner


Joe York: John 'Bruce' Liles
Joe York's Mom: Kae Halonen
Joe DeBlasio: Stephen Jones (of Detroit)
Joe DeBlasio's Wife: Susan Newell
Curtis Williams: DaJuanny Taylor
Curtis Williams' Dad: Sam Kirkland
Coleman Leny: Maurice 'Skip' Turner
Joe Bussell: Jim Salerno

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