"Forgotten: The Murder at the Ford Rouge Plant"

Detroit, MI, Sept. 9-11, 2005: Director--Elise Bryant, Music Director--Bill Meyer, Music and Lyrics--Steve Jones, Stage Manager--Elaine (Hendriks) Smith, Assistant Stage Manager--Anne Drake, Produced by Lisa Canada and Dave Elsila

25 songs


   Background stories for songs




1. Overture
2. Keep the Wheels Rolling On -- Allen Johnson, with Rosie Johnson, Ella Bradford, Lewis Bradford, (the "Radio Troupe"), Workers Chorus, and with Henry Ford singing a verse
3. You're Gone Again/How Can I Explain -- Ella to Lewis, Lewis to Little Ella
4. The Forgotten Man's Hour -- Lewis, Allen, Radio Troupe, Joe Kantor, Rosie and Frank Jackson on the soup line
5. The Hour of Power/Cleanse Ourselves -- Father Coughlin, Lewis, Coughlin Choir and Radio Troupe
6. I Invented Auto-Love -- Henry Ford
7. The Ford Hunger March
-- Rosie and Workers Chorus 8. You'll Be Like My Son -- Ford and Harry Bennett
9. I Know the Fear -- Lewis to Ella; Bennett to Lewis
10. When You Organize -- Lewis and Workers Chorus
11. Bradford You Are Dreamin' -- Allen to Lewis
12. It's About Time -- Lewis and Radio Troupe
13. A New Beauty/Sit Down -- Lewis, Rosie and Workers Chorus
14. I'm Here For You -- Lewis to Ella
15. Radio, Guns and Money -- Coughlin, Bennett and Ford
16. Shake Hands with the Devil -- Clara Ford to Henry
17. Hour of Power/Cleanse Ourselves (Reprise) -- Coughlin, Lewis, Coughlin Choir and Radio Troupe
18. We Speak Louder Than Machines -- Rosie and Workers Chorus
19. The Stakes Are High -- Ford, with Bennett and Coughlin
20. Battle of the Overpass -- Allen and Workers Chorus
21. I Got a Bad, Bad Feeling -- Ella to Lewis
22. I Cannot Be Silent -- Lewis to Ella
23. Let's Take a Walk/We All Will Forget -- Bennett, Foreman, hospital attendant, and Ella
24. I'm Here For You (Reprise) -- Ella to Lewis
25. We Remember You -- Rosie and Allen, joined by Workers Chorus, and Ella and daughters

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